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Why Uni-Talent?

In the wake of events that have had a major impact on our countries, we have seen our borders and relationships close, both in terms of cultural and financial exchanges. Today, Uni-Talent's mission is to help you break out of this isolation and take your talent beyond our borders.

What is Uni-Talent?

Uni-Talent is a non-profit-making association under the French law of 1901. Our role is to help each and every one of you to showcase your talent (know-how, interpersonal skills, skills, a passion, etc.) and make it visible at national and international level.

Whether you're an individual looking for a contract, an internship or a project abroad... or a company looking for partners, customers, new projects or simply international business development, we're here to help!

The Uni-Talent principle


We're all unique! We all have something in us that makes us different from others, like someone with a talent in the same field as ours, but who doesn't achieve it in the same way.

What makes you different?


We are all united under the Uni-Talent banner, creating original, synergistic projects that benefit from the combination of talent, know-how and skills, throughout France and beyond.

What do you want to create?


Whatever region or country you're in, someone, somewhere needs you. Whether your talent is seductive or the missing wheel in a project, there are no barriers to making it available.

Where do you want to be visible?

How can you make yourself visible?


Create a free, easy-to-use "business card" website to showcase your talent and provide an effective communication tool


The digital communications experts who form our Pimp My Com' service can help you create your content


We can help you create cross-talent projects, free of charge, in your town, department, country or abroad.


Uni-Talent and its Ambassadors can help you promote your talent and/or your inter-talent project locally and internationally.

Why join Uni-Talent?

- Expand your professional network or meet people to help you realise your projects

- Get help to go abroad to find customers or go on a trip

- Go beyond your borders to promote yourself beyond your limits

- Be in a secure environment when you head out into the unknown

- Have a rich and dynamic network through which to pass on your requests

What is an Ambassador?

Are you a member of Uni-Talent and want to create synergies yourself, promote your region to a higher level, or organise events in your town?

Then you're just the person to be an ambassador!

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