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What is an Ambassador?

Each Talent in the association can become a Departmental or Specialty Ambassador. In this way, you represent your department and its Talents throughout the country and abroad. Or, if you have a popular Talent, you can raise the profile of your specific talent. You act as a link between Uni-Talent and the Talents, helping to unite a community, communicate the information they need, put them in touch with each other and enable them to meet at events.

Any member can become an Ambassador if they wish, whether they are an individual, retired, student, employee or professional. Your status in the company does not define you at Uni-Talent. However, for departmental Ambassadors, you must currently live in the department in question and have lived there for 7 years, so that you have had time to immerse yourself in the culture of your adopted department.

What are the roles of the Ambassadors?


Find and bring together local talent (or talent from all over France for specialities)

Internet visibility

Managing an Embassy website as a showcase for the department

Local visibility

Organisation of events in the city and the county


Putting Talents in touch with each other to help them realise their projects and create inter-talent projects

National visibility

Inter-Ambassador coordination to create digital or physical events

International visibility

Coordination with Uni-Talent and management of local talent for events abroad

Types of ambassador

Departmental ambassador

There is one or more per department to manage the local Embassy, bringing together talent. They work in collaboration with the other Ambassadors and Uni-Talent, and are an important link between local Talents.

Specialty ambassador

They represent a very popular speciality throughout the country and bring together all the Talents in this speciality under a specific Embassy for this talent in order to give it greater visibility.

What is an embassy?

The Ambassadors bring together Talents in the form of an Embassy, with a corresponding website to promote the Talents, events and inter-talent projects in which the members of the department or speciality are taking part.

How do you become an Ambassador?

  1. You become a member of the association
  2. You can apply to become an Ambassador at any time;
  3. You receive a document to prepare for an interview to become an Ambassador;
  4. Following the interview, we will send you an email to let you know whether your application has been approved.

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