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An original concept for an unprecedented need!

Uni-Talent is a not-for-profit association governed by the French law of 1901, whose concept emerged as the key to a number of needs identified as a result of the various global issues that have arisen (epidemics, war, climate) and affected each and every one of us (individuals and professionals).

With countries turning in on themselves, there has been a breakdown in trade at local, departmental and global levels. But all cultural exchanges have also been affected, altering the lives of students, nomadic adventurers and businesses welcoming tourists.

The second observation, already present, is reinforced by this complex climate: the difficulty of being visible, of approaching the right people, in other words competitiveness and relationships of interest (professional or private). Whether local, national or international, the problem is the same: it's a jungle that has become even fiercer now that everyone's budgets have been slashed.

Everyone is experiencing the impact of history in a different way, and Uni-Talent wants to help!

Our role at Uni-Talent is to bring your voice to the people you need, whether you are a professional or an individual. Each of you is a Talentand your talent is that "je ne sais quoi" that makes you the person they want to work with on a project and not someone else. It's with you that a resident of China wants to share a flat because it's a good match, it's with you that a group of tourists wants to come because your sense of hospitality and the holiday on offer are brilliant, and it's your regional speciality products that people want because your know-how makes them delicious!

"Alone we go fast, but Together we go further".

It's a fact that we at Uni-Talent want to put to good use to help you : bring people together to be stronger, to have more impact, to give you more chance of succeeding, to go further. As professionals, we know from experience that it's essential to surround yourself with people and create a network, but each of you has also realised this in your day-to-day work.

At Uni-Talent, we haven't just realised it, we've put it into practice! And how do we do that? On the same principle as the network: "I have this project to carry out but I don't have the means to do it. So I'm going to meet other people, to find out if they have solutions to help me carry out this project. But I can also help someone to realise their project, because I have this information or I've met this person who can help them.

The only difference is that we bring together talent from all over France and abroad (starting with China), brought together and managed under the responsibility ofAmbassadors at local, regional and national level in each country. Then, at international level, for promotion, by the management of Uni-Talent.

In this way, we are breaking down the isolation that has been established, sharing our local culture with each region and each country, and also enabling dreams to come true (travelling, moving, working, learning, discovering, etc.) without borders. But above all, we're going to help bring authenticity beyond financial limits, because it's not the person with the most means to be visible who is the most authentic, unfortunately. Our aim is therefore also to restore value to relationships within and between countries, in order to enrich them.

A worldwide, equal, restored presence...

One of Uni-Talent's fundamental aims is to break down boundaries. This vision came from the direct observation made by co-founders Anthony and Trudy during their respective careers.

After seven years spent as an international consultant, between France and China, witnessing the wasted potential on both sides of the border, the concept of "Uni-Talent" came naturally to Anthony, as the key solution to bringing out the best in everyone, to help you beyond what you can do on your own.

It therefore became clear that Trudy, who has been managing a language training centre in China for 14 years, would make an ideal co-manager, as she would be able to ensure the perfect transfer of talents, skills, know-how and everything that makes a talent a Talent, in both French and Chinese. The possible synergies between countries, cultures and residents become even richer and more exciting to create.

From the birth of Uni-Talent, emerges a desire topromote each and every one of us faithfully abroad, in all our authenticity, well beyond simply putting people in touch with each other. That's why the co-founders and Ambassadors will be raising the profile of all Uni-Talent members abroad at events, and not just those who are able to travel. Wherever Uni-Talent goes, all its members will be there.

We therefore make it a point of honour to offer all members the opportunity to be represented on stands at international (as well as national) events in an equitable manner and to promote all the talents of the association on an equal level. It's thanks to the expertise of Inès, who has been our accounts manager for 2 years, that participatory financing can be set up and monitored scrupulously, to reduce the costs of these actions.


  • Chairman and co-founder of the Uni-Talent association ;
  • Age 44;
  • International consultant between France and China, since 2016.


  • Co-founder and coordinator of the association in China;
  • 42 years old;
  • Native of Dong Bei, China, manager of a language training centre since 2009.


  • In charge of the association'saccounts;
  • 25 years old;
  • Asset manager since 2021.

Proud of our commitment to our members and demanding in terms of the missions we have set ourselves, we have chosen partners who respect our values and our commitment to form our "Pimp My Com'" communication service.

Pimp My Com' communications service

(texts and visuals), which Talents can use as they wish.

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