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"One for all and all for one!"

At Uni-Talent, the key word is "Unification", because we are convinced that together, each Talent associated with the others can create a powerful project of great value, the sum of the value of each of you.

To make this idea a reality, and the wish that we want to see realised by as many of our Talents as possible, we are offering to help you create projects in synergy with other members of the association.

These are "inter-talent" projects. Whether you are a professional or an individual, the important thing is your talent, what you bring to the project, not your curriculum vitae. Together you can create a product or a service, or take part in a product basket, using our logistics service, or simply get together to travel together in France or abroad.

All cross-talent projects will be promoted in several ways

By the association itself on its website;

By the President and Ambassadors at international events;

By the Ambassadors at local events (town, department, country);

By yourself, of course!

Why create an inter-talents project?


A synergy of the essence of what makes each of you different


Enriching contact with new people


An adventure unlike anything you've experienced before


Go beyond your current limits and local and international boundaries

Uni-Talent: A network to unite potential!

Today, more than ever, France and other countries need to regain their visibility and re-emphasise the authenticity of each region that makes up their country and nation. A country is the sum of all its riches, in other words, all your potential.

For us, highlighting a country means highlighting each of you, your talents: the soul of the country and everything that forges its identity. So we want to give you all this opportunity!

How do you create a cross-talent project?

Step 1: I fill in my "business card" site, where I can introduce myself and explain my talent, but also explain what I'm looking for. This could be someone to carry out a project, expressing the desire to take part in a cross-talent project in a particular sector, or help with your own project, visibility for your company, trusted contacts to go to another country, etc.

Step 2: We read your "business card" carefully to find out more about you. We then validate your membership as a "Talent".

Step 3: There are several ways of creating a project:

- You meet a Talent: you have established an idea for a project with a Talent. Tell your Ambassador (or Uni-Talent if you don't already have one) so that we can monitor the project and support you if necessary.

- You don't have a project: contact your Ambassador (or Uni-Talent if you don't already have one) to tell them about your desire to create a project in synergy with other Talents, to help you find an inter-talent project that suits you.

Step 4: We stay in touch throughout the creation of the project to monitor its progress and provide you with our help, both in creating the project and in setting it up, or to find people to advise you on certain issues.

Step 5: Together, we discuss the need for promotion and visibility for your project, in order to put in place a concrete action plan, with the founders of the association and the communications department of Pimp My Com' communications department.

Step 6: For projects requiring promotion and visibility, you will be kept informed by email of the actions taken (in addition to the newsletter).

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