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A website for every one of our Talents!

To reach the people you want to approach and tell them who you are and what you can offer them, the most obvious communication tool is: the website!

At Uni-Talent, we're well aware that digital technology is the fastest and most effective way of spreading the word on the web, in search of the ideal person tohelp themrealise their project. Everyone should have one to showcase their potential!

But what is the reality? Access to digital communication tools is a problem for many professionals (all sectors and sizes) and individuals (students, retraining, personal projects, etc.): cost, complexity of creation, difficulty of visibility, etc.

Our answer: Every Talent needs to be visible (town, department, country), which is why we are offering to simplify the creation ofa free website for our Talents.

What does your "business card" website include?


1 home page

1 talent description page

1 page presenting the professional activity if different from the talent

1 page presenting the person and their interests (excluding talent)

1 page describing what the person is looking for

20 modules (text, image, contact form, etc.)

Integrated writing assistance


Any additional page

Any additional module (around 40 available)

An e-commerce module to create a merchant site

Any additional extension (around 40 available)

A rather special process ...

We use the website you create to find out more about you and to check whether you are in the right sector of interest for talent. Once we've checked that, we can proceed with your application. In a nutshell:

  1. Go to the " Talent " page in the "Become a member" menu
  2. Choose your talent's sector from the six on offer
  3. Fill in your website step by step
  4. We read your site
  5. We send you a validation email
  6. Start your membership

Why create your Uni-Talent website?


Express who you are and your personality to put you back at the centre of your project


Get in touch with people you never thought you'd meet


Take on a project that is close to your heart and develop it beyond your limits


Communicate quickly and effectively at home and abroad

The Uni-Talent association as a means of communication

Uni-Talent wants to bring together people- what we call "Talents" - who have know-how, skills, human abilities and other nuggets... that remain in the shadows, to enable them to connect with the right people.

We have the network, we have the communications department and we have the will to help you. All that's missing is you! Join us to help you raise your profile throughout France and abroad, whether through the creation oflocal or international events, or through digital channels, for your personal talent or a cross-talent creation.

The creator of your site

ORNAWEB Agency: Florent DEHANNE andCaroline SANCHEZ (in the digital business for around 7 years)

- Development of the QANIIT solution for creating your websites

- Integration of editorial and visual content






Use of data

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