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Physical visibility beyond your limits

Whether you're in a small town with no chance of being seen or meeting people, or a start-up business needing visibility across France, we can help you break through your geographical boundaries.

Thanks in particular to our Ambassadors, we organise events every month , both locally and abroad, and take part in festivals and fairs to promote talent. If you can't travel, we can do it for you!

Who organises the events?

Ambassadors, who act as "relays" with Uni-Talent, bringing us closer to our local members and helping to bring people together locally for greater solidarity. They can also help organise events more effectively from a local perspective. For international events, Uni-Talent will organise festivals, fairs and other events abroad in conjunction with the Ambassadors.

Who is invited?

All Talent members of Uni-Talent will be invited to take part, whether they work locally, in another region or abroad. Guests will be able to come and find out more about the Uni-Talent association.

Where does it take place?

Locally, the Talents will take it in turns to host the event in their premises. Eventually, depending on the region, the Ambassadors will be able to host the event at the Maison des associations and take part in festivals. The same will apply internationally.

How can you take part?

  1. Create your own "business card" website to showcase your talent
  2. We validate your membership
  3. You contact the local Ambassador to take part in events
  4. Or the Ambassador is not yet elected and you get in touch with Uni-Talent

You will be kept informed of events locally and abroad, via the Uni-Talent website in the "News" section, and the websites of the departmental embassies, or by subscribing to the newsletter. A link will appear in the article to subscribe.

How much will it cost?

For events abroad, the cost is shared. The more Talents want to be represented at an event (whether they travel or not), the lower the cost of the Uni-Talent stand will be for everyone. Locally, contact your Ambassador for information (price depending on location, buffet, etc.).

What is an embassy?

The Ambassadors federate Talents by region in the form of an Embassy, with a corresponding website to promote local Talents, local events and inter-talent projects in which members of the department are involved.

Uni-Talent : Creating events!

At Uni-Talent we are well aware that human contact is the best way of forging trusting and lasting relationships. Uniting to go further means getting to know the right people. Each person is a link in the chain you're creating to get closer to your ultimate goal. And for that, there's nothing better than meeting people at events. The value of the physical meeting is just as important in every country.

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