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1 - Legal framework

Uni-Talent is a not-for-profit association governed by the law of1 July 1901 and its decree of 16 August 1901, with its registered office at 60 rue François 1er 75008 Paris.

2 - Preamble

In the wake of a number of events at the start of this century (wars, epidemics, climate, etc.), nations have embarked on a period of increased cultural and economic protectionism, closing their borders or even cutting off certain exchanges that are vital to the smooth running of the global economy. Culture and artists are the sectors that have been most affected in recent years, even though they are one of the flagships of the French economy, attracting huge numbers of international tourists to our country every year.

Uni-Talent is an association whose aim is to unite international talent by helping them to create their own digital space in order to create the possibility of finding opportunities via collective talent actions in the global destination of their choice.

Drawing on its Franco-Chinese origins, Uni-Talent aims to create events at international gatherings, festivals, fairs, conventions, etc., by organising stands to promote the concept of Unique, United and Universal, and in this way gradually connect the world through luxury, art, heritage, tourism and gastronomy.

By becoming a Uni-Talent member, you will be contributing your resources and convictions to the creation of an international map of united talents on the same web environment for rapid action and federation.

3 - The principles of the association

3.1 - Principles to be respected by members

On the one hand, each member of the Uni-Talent association must sign this ethical charter explaining the role and behaviour to be adopted by each person within the framework of collaboration within the Uni-Talent association.

In addition, each member must respect the following principles, on pain of being stripped of their membership status:

Duty of honesty: All information written during communication in all Uni-Talent information vectors must be deemed to be accurate and verifiable. For professionals, you may be asked to provide proof of registration of the company with the competent bodies in order to verify registration, e.g. SIRET No., Orias No., Kbis No., RNA No. .....

Duty of intellectual property: All images, videos, logos and acronyms displayed within the framework of the Uni-Talent association must be registered or allow clear authentication of membership.

Duty of commitment: all written documents such as quotations, contracts or work agreements signed between members of the association are deemed to be contractual in the legal sense of the term and must contain General Terms and Conditions, including clear, legible and fair clauses, giving details in the event of cancellation or breach of contract.

Any commitment made in writing within the legal framework must be honoured by both parties, in accordance with the terms accepted by both parties.

Duty of secularity: The manufacture of products or services related to beliefs may be promoted without expressing an opinion on the belief, the aim here being to open up culture without distinction. For example: Fung Shui master, church restoration craftsman, yoga, etc.

Duty of non-discrimination: No discrimination on the basis of beliefs, skin colour, sexual orientation or physical or mental ability is permitted in Uni-Talent's communication vectors.

Duty of apolitical discourse: No allusion to political convictions or political promotion whatsoever is authorised in the means of communication made available by the association. Uni-Talent collaborates with all French and international political institutions, focusing on the cultural message and the interconnection of talents, not on the message of politicians.

Duty to respect local rules: Uni-Talent's national and international members must respect the decisions of local political institutions (in France and abroad) for the realisation of their events and comply with all their acceptable requirements, in order to create events in a spirit of goodwill and respect for the laws and customs of each country.

3.2 - Penalties for non-compliance

Failure to comply with the above principles will result in immediate expulsion from the association.

Additional details for the following cases:

Duty of honesty: Any information deemed to be misleading will be recorded as evidence in the event of prejudice caused to others, whether within the Uni-Talent association or outside.

Duty of intellectual property: Any plagiarism or copying of information belonging to a third party is considered illegal. As soon as formal proof has been communicated to Uni-Talent by the person who has been the victim of plagiarism, the talent who has plagiarised will be expelled from the association immediately. Uni-Talent will keep the evidence in case of subsequent need or legal recourse undertaken by the victim. In all cases, Uni-Talent and its management cannot be held responsible for plagiarism.

Duty of commitment: The commitment between two members includes compliance with the object of the contract as well as all its clauses set out in the aforementioned document and attached to it (General Terms and Conditions, agreement, etc.). The repercussions will therefore be those agreed between the parties in these documents. Uni-Talent will be totally unrelated to the application of the clauses and penalties which will result.

However, Uni-Talent will collect the data and information relating to the prejudice caused to the member who is the victim of the violation of the contractual clauses taken, and authorises itself to sequestrate the site and all information in its possession in the event of legal proceedings being taken.

The association will be neither judge nor party in the case, subject to an official request from the court.

Duty of non-discrimination: Any information, remarks or inappropriate references communicated to Uni-Talent will be the subject of a written request for immediate correction and a written apology in the event of a clumsy error.

In the event of proven deliberate discrimination, the member will receive a written warning, with a request for immediate correction and a written apology. If the member does not comply within 24 hours, he or she will be expelled from the association immediately.

In the event of legal proceedings, the Uni-Talent association agrees to act as a civil party in the event of serious injury to a member.

4 - General objectives

The main objectives of the association towards its members, according to their individual needs, are as follows:

  • To provide national and international visibility for their projects;
  • To increase their professional and/or personal network;
  • Promote regional talent at national level;
  • Showcasing French talent abroad;
  • Showcasing foreign talent on French soil at national level;
  • Promote foreign talent in France;
  • Facilitating international trade ;
  • Facilitate international communication;
  • Facilitate understanding of international labour and trade laws.

5 - Resources used by the association and its services

5.1 - Business card site

A business card site serves as a summary presentation for selection as a member of the association. This business card allows you to showcase your talent, know-how and special features, making people want to get in touch with you.

These sites constitute a virtual network of talents that can be used to interconnect people to create inter-talent projects, to be recruited or to find partners within the association's talents.

This business card is structured in the same way for everyone:

- Description of your talent

- Description of professional activity if different from talent

- Interests other than talent

- Search for collaboration or type of clientele

- Contact form.

5.2 - Merchant site

Talented product creators will be able to create a merchant site to showcase their products, thanks to a module they can add to their business card site. This merchant site will also make it easier to promote their products nationally and internationally.

5.3 - Embassy site

There is an Embassy site for each department, managed by the department Ambassadors, and a Specialty Embassy managed by each Specialty Ambassador, representing a specific and popular talent.

These sites bring together the members of the Embassy and the events generated by the Ambassadors in question.

5.4 - Cross-talent product baskets

The Uni-Talent delicatessen makes it possible to sell all the products of gastronomic talents via our gastronomic selection and logistics service provider Unique.

Talent creators can create a multi-talent product basket (with products corresponding only to the member's talent), which can be used for national and international promotion, on event stands for example.

5.5 - Inter-talent services

Uni-Talent helps Talents to create synergies between themselves and develop unique inter-talent services or products. Uni-Talent also helps individuals to carry out other types of inter-talent projects on a personal basis.

5.6 - Translation into target countries

Thanks to native translators in each target country, Uni-Talent ensures a perfect translation and a reproduction in perfect cultural correspondence of the explanations of the association's values, the presentation of the talents, their products and their services.

5.7 - National and international events

5.7.1 National events

The Ambassadors organise at least 1 monthly event per department, which allows for physical meetings between talents, but also for all members of the association to discover the association.

Uni-Talent will also organise a national event every two months, alternating between the North and South of France.

5.7.2. International events

The Ambassadors organise international events in direct collaboration with Uni-Talent management, which they promote on the Ambassadors website. In this case, the Uni-Talent management is responsible for making the connections with the organisers abroad, planning the grouped actions (locations, calculating costs, finding sponsors, creating a ticket office, etc.), and calling for participants from among the association's members.

An international Uni-Talent convention will be organised once a year, at which each Talent will be invited to showcase its talents.

6 - Members

6.1 - Who can become a member?

Membership is open to all people, whether adults or minors (the signature of a legal representative is required for all documents relating to sales, marketing and events), whether professionals or private individuals.

Talents can therefore be registered on behalf of their company, or on a personal basis, according to 6 themes:

- Art
- Luxury
- Heritage
- Tourism
- Gastronomy - Beauty

6.2 - Ambassadors

Uni-Talent members can become Ambassadors at departmental or national level, and work in synergy with other Ambassadors in the country and internationally.

Ambassadors are designated as follows:

- Departmental" ambassador;

- Specialty" ambassadors.

The main role of the Departmental Ambassadors is to provide national physical and digital visibility, by organising events and administering the Embassy website for their department.

Specialty" Ambassadors represent a popular talent at national level, forming an Embassy with all the other identical talents in the country, to raise its profile internationally.

7 - Admission procedures

7.1 - Members

1. Fill in the Site business card, which serves both as a letter of application for membership and as the basis for your presentation to the other international talents on the platform.

You can also propose a talent by filling in all or part of their business card, so that we can contact them to ask if they would like to join or not.

2. We validate your membership by reading your business card. Acceptance of your application will be sent to you by return e-mail, together with the link for payment of the annual subscription. Your membership receipt will be sent to you within two days of receipt of the membership fee.

3. Download the Code of Ethics and return it, scanned and signed (initials + signature), by e-mail to and pay the annual membership fee of €15.


FR76 1695 8000 0150 6154 0199 740





7.2 - Ambassadors

An application to become an Ambassador member may be made after joining Uni-Talent at any time, by completing the "Become an Ambassador" form available on the Uni-Talent registration site, subject to two conditions:

- The member must currently live in the department in question;

- The member must have lived in this department for 7 years.

A document to prepare for an interview to become an ambassador will be sent to you before the interview is scheduled. The first Ambassadors are appointed by the Uni-Talent management, who then elect the other Ambassadors in their region, following their application. Specialty Ambassadors will be elected by Uni-Talents, who will then be able to choose other Ambassadors in their specialty.

8 - Activities carried out by the Ambassadors

8.1 - Member recruitment

Departmental Ambassadors are recruited because they know their region and are in a position to assess the quality of potential members on the spot (either through acquaintances or recommendations, or by getting to know each other to validate the member's profile).

For people wishing to join in their own department and filling in the "business card" site without having had contact with an Ambassador, the latter will be free to complete the recruitment process in his or her own way (making contact by telephone, email or face-to-face meeting) before validating the membership.

8.2 - The Business Club

Ambassadors have the option of creating a Club within the Embassy in which they set up a subscription based on the offers they wish to present to members. They have carte blanche when it comes to creating the club and choosing the services to be provided, but everything must be approved by Uni-Talent, including the subscription fee, by which they are remunerated.

8.3 - Events

The ambassadors create Uni-Talent events as described in point 5.6 of this charter. They take place in turn at Members' homes, offering a Uni-Talent presentation so that guests can find out about the association, as well as a presentation by the Talent hosting the event, before sharing a moment of conviviality, organised according to the wishes of the Ambassadors.

9 - Contributions and expenses

9.1 - Association fees

Annual membership of the Uni-Talent association is €15 per year per member, in all countries.

9.2 - The costs of the services offered

All fees for Pimp My Com' communication services or website customisation should be requested by email, in order to adjust the rate to your needs.

Uni-Talent undertakes, in the context of inter-talent projects created through it, not to take more than 10% commission to finance the association.

9.3 - Composition of the association

9.2.1 The Chairman

Anthony FAGUET, Chairman and co-founder of the Uni-Talent concept, with Trudy MONG, partner, based in China.

10 - Changes to the charter

Any changes to the charter will require a new signature from all members to ensure a clear understanding of all the ins and outs of the charter's effects and the role of the association and each of its stakeholders.

11 - Reciprocal commitments

11.1 - The association

The association undertakes to promote all its members fairly and equitably through their cultural and artistic heritage, in accordance with their business card site.

The association undertakes to inform all members of forthcoming events via a quarterly newsletter, according to their sector of activity. The President of the association is committed to promoting talent and regularly organises trips with international ambassadors.

11.2 - Members

A Uni-Talent member, whether an Ambassador or not, undertakes to update their website as soon as any information is modified, preferably before a national or international promotional campaign is launched.

They must also keep themselves informed of Uni-Talent's local, national and international actions in order to participate or make proposals for the integration of members into the association.

12 - Penalties for non-compliance with the charter

In minor cases of breaches of this charter, Uni-Talent reserves the right to call the member to order, once only, so that he can quickly rectify the breaches. If these breaches are not corrected, a written warning will be sent to the member and if they fail to react after one year, all rights to the platform will be withdrawn and their membership status will be revoked.

In the event of a serious breach, the member will immediately be stripped of their rights to the platform and of their membership status (website sequestered and kept as evidence in the event of legal proceedings).

There is a possibility of a right of reinstatement after 5 years, as part of a right to a second chance, based on benevolence and learning from one's mistakes.

13 - Dissolution of the association

In the probable event that the association is dissolved, members will retain the use of their site and may continue to use it as long as the subscription to the service provider is paid. However, all other association services will be dissolved.

Surname and first name of member :

Company name :

Date :

Signature of member

(preceded by the words "read and approved")

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